The Function of the Elemental Body on Planet Earth

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The Function of the Elemental Body on Planet Earth

Many people over the years have asked me who the elemental beings are. As a child, I always saw them present around me with other entities which I am able to understand a little better now in my adulthood. As a dream of the heart I felt attracted towards creating a magical space that recreated a world full of beauty and magic, in connection with all these creatures that many people feel, although they do not see.

For a long time, I looked for literature about elemental beings, although I never found in books what I was experiencing as working with them. Most books spoke of magical and mythological beings, very few named or made reference to the elemental beings, only in some of them I found they were protectors of nature. Paracelsus, also described them in an old Treaty and despite the fact that there are some things that felt in place for me, many others I got the feeling were not there. Metaphysics and Theosophy, also mentions, but does not speak of their origins and separates the entities called Devic from the Elementals of Nature.

Over the past years, I have been developing a specific energy technique with my patients and I am accustomed to be receiving teachers and guides, both mine, and those of the people that come,  knowing that I am only providing an aspect and they are the ones who actually do the work. I feel that to develop and evolve in the understanding of this technique opened new portals in my way of feeling and seeing the world.

In these last three years, there is a teacher who joined this purpose. I had never seen him before.  During therapies he comes to work in a specific area. Over these three years, I increased my connection with him, who gave me little by little the knowledge of its nature, its purpose and taught me to observe my surroundings in a different way. This master is an Elemental Master and through visions, many feelings, intuitions, took me by the hand, showing me with love, as it is done with a child, a whole “organization” that stretches here, on our planet. Everything I saw, very little matches with anything I have ever read, and the most difficult has been describing it and detailing in human language, something that is not human, my words are clumsy, and few compared to what I see. But I know that this is the first attempt. Everything that I thought about goblins, fairies or elves fell into nothingness, in fact, those are not their names and that basic understanding that we have as humanity, is starting to unfold.

This paper contains the information of whom these beings are and what they do here, and also as a message from the Elemental Master who guards my work and addressed me in the preparation of this document. His name is not human; it is a set of resonances, specific to its function, Ahim-Mah. He has been my teacher, mentor and friend, in these words and in all the energy work connection between center heart and the Earth Center heart.

I feel that these beings are manifesting today with a specific purpose and although they do not seek recognition, they are inviting humans to learn more about their nature. Many times I ask myself why now, and the answer to this is perhaps, the great evolutionary leap that we must take as a species. I also felt that they don’t have a special predilection for any Kingdom of the matter and human, for them they are one more species, passing through here.

The information contained here is not yet complete; every day there are more understandings and new sensations and intuitions revealed.

Because of my formation, I am accustomed to be working with tangible evidence and all this experience for me, has been not only intangible, but impossible to prove. I can only say that a part of me knows it, that is there, that I feel it and that in each ones hearts will with this information or not. This writing is not intended to argue, only seeks to reveal a vast and unknown universe that dwells parallel to ours, if you believe or not, is not my point here. This kind of realities can only pass through the filter of feeling… My brilliant left brain didn’t do anything in this case to increase my understanding, and even though I many times went through intense stages of ego, I achieved to release and receive without judgment, what It was given to me.

The next phase of this work, will be image. Artistic representations of which we have available, I really found very little, and what I’ve found has no author, so it will be the next challenge. I found only one slightly closer to the essence of the elemental master body, which is one that I leave here. The difficulty of representing them, is that they can alter their form. The resonance of the Masters is gigantic, but they may appear as beautiful old people and disappear in thousands of dots of light at the same time.

I hope this letter resonates in your heart as it did in mine, and through it, can understand this sublime and magical space that lives in your heart and has been forever connected with the spirit of the Earth.

Namasté to each one.

Chary Magic



The Elemental body of the Earth, is a stable body that has remained on the planet since emerged the inanimate life, in the geological age of the Earth 4.500 million years ago, mobilizing mechanical, chemical and electrical particles for evolution of life in all its manifestations. Its origin does not belong to the Center of this galaxy; it is from the heart of the universe, the primary source of all that is. Its mission is to balance bio-regeneration, bio-restructure, bio degrade and restore molecular patterns and micro cells of all manifestations of nature found in the four elements in three levels: physical, energetic and luminous or electrical.

These beings are appointed not only to the planet Earth, but to any planet in the universe and belong to the place of their assignment.

They are beings of 5th dimension, for them, the temporary-space line does not exist and so they can move through space or time without going into it.

Their manifestations, do not pass through the process of thinking, but only across the creative process of imagine and create at the same time, they communicate telepathically, although they have a specific language according to the planet where they work. They are pure intention, and think and create out of the time-line.

Each planet has an elemental body which assists, from their own source and which accompany until its end in geological age. While a planet exists they will be present, if it comes the time of the merger with its Sun in its planetary system, the elementals of a planet go back to the center of their origin where they are assigned again. The elemental can live large periods of our time (800 to 900 years) then merge with its element and reborn again. Depending on its function some of them may live more than 2,000 years in Earth time.

Every form of life, animated or inanimate has a specific elemental and unique, this way of life will be guarded by an elemental, according to the element manifested here on Earth.

Beings who have themselves the four elements, as a human beings, there is a Elemental body, the elemental custodian body, designed to balance and restore all the biochemical, micro cell and energetic structure of that individual in specific resonance patterns for the balance of the four elements, along with the pattern of anchorage to the heart of the Earth Center. This commitment is in for life with that being, which leaves at the time that the physical body merges with nature after the death.



Those who support bio-regeneration and biodegradation globally, from the ionosphere to the terrestrial depths. Work with global energy patterns that allow the development and evolution of life.

Participate in cooperation with Masters from higher dimensions to direct the process of planetary evolution. They belong to a group, are not individuals and work in joint cooperation. None of the element exists, unless there is another. For some human, elemental masters have been known by the term of Devas.

Its dimension can reach kilometers, covering geographical zones, extensive areas such as oceans, mountains, valleys, deserts even human cities, where the work is more intense.

Its presence is not only on the surface of the planet but in all its internal body, as well as in all layers of the atmosphere. Elemental teachers can live a full age 2,000 years. In human language, they are the grandparents and elders of the elemental custodians and the elementals of nature. On earth they live in 5th dimension for their tasks, but can also make interdimensional travels, allowing them to establish contact with other entities in support of its mission.

Elemental Masters have cooperated with Earth and multidimensional intra planetary entities today, to install the electromagnetic planetary grid that brings a new awareness and an evolutionary ascended step for life on the planet. Currently they have an intense and active role in adjusting the energy fields of all the creatures that live here. This work is not intended only to the human realm, but also to the animal, vegetable and mineral Kingdom.

Elemental Master Body of Fire, Manifesting Light

Elemental Master Body of Air, Manifesting Purification

Elemental Master Body of Water, Manifesting Biodiversity

Elemental Master body of the Earth, Manifesting connection from the Center Heart, to the planetary Heart Center

The Fire elemental body and Air were the first to arrive at the planet, preparing physical conditions for the arrival of the Masters of the Land and Water Bodies.

They assist and guard all tasks of the elemental custodians and nature; they live in communities with them. Because they are ancient and they understand better human nature, they teach the young apprentices.


These who attend individualities containing four elements within themselves, at all levels, physical, energetic, and luminous or electrical. They are entities destine to the unconditional service of a creature’s lifetime. They communicate through physical, chemical, emotional and mental body through feelings, intuitions, dreams or visualizations.


Elemental Body Earth: present in all the crystals, minerals in all its forms, whether soil, bark or plant.
Elemental Body Water: Present in all fluids, either in or outside of a physical body, in all states. In the oceans, rivers, glaciers and lakes.
Elemental Body Fire: Present in the range of light including infrared and ultraviolet, all manifestations of internal or external combustion of any physical expression and all electromagnetic patterns of any physical body.
Elemental Body Air: Present in all gas from the atmosphere.
The elementary bodies of nature, working in specific areas within the molecules and micro particles of each element, for this task are in joint partnership since each element requires another to exist. No element itself is separated from another, but the function of bio degradation and regeneration varies, depending on the chemical and molecular components of each.

The Elemental hierarchy it is defined according to the functions and tasks, but not by degrees of importance, or superiority.
Elemental beings work, live, and function in big communities and all communities of all different groups are interconnected and related with each other, it doesn’t exist elementals that work alone.
The world’s population of elemental cannot be expressed in human numbers that we can understand, for each form of life either animated or inanimate, there is one of them that is its custodian


Many people have compared the elementals with human characteristics, but they are not human. They have four limbs, trunk, and head and its measures vary according to the function performed. An Elemental Master’s body may measure several kilometers and an elemental of air a few nanometers.
Theirbody is not physical, it is energy and luminous, as 5th dimension beings, are luminescent, the light can pass through them, so they can be seen as transparent, radiating colors that indicate their function. They can at will become materials, by adjusting their electromagnetic body patterns to make them-self visible. They can go through different states of matter, according to their purposes and move in different coordinates of space-time.

The main characteristic of these beings is that their head is slightly cone-shaped, which humans have interpreted as a pointy hat, ears and feet ending in a point and their eyes they are almond-shaped, thin and extremely fast. Despite all have these same characteristics, no one equal to another, and although humans have interpreted them as old folks, their body does not grow old, despite the fact that they have many years.

Its beauty and luminosity are indescribable, but when they decide to show themselves to a human, they do it taking understandable forms, according to the wisdom inside each person, they always choose materializations of humble forms and deeply heartwarming ways. Sometimes shown as elderly winged women, even get to take shape of elements of nature, such as flowers, old trees, stones and animals. They appear dressed with clothes to the human way, which they do not actually use and can also be seen with garments made of bark, leaves, and seeds. But their real clothes are only light shields.

Humans have been assigned names to them, according to the geographical area where have been seen in old age, it has called elves, gnomes, fairies, nereid (sea nymphs) or salamanders. But none of these names really belongs to these beings; all of them have a purely human origin. They have a personal name that distinguishes them and a specific resonance according to its element. The resonance of their names is not pronounced as a word, but as a sound.

The resonance of each element is unique in attributes, and those attributes peculiar to the archetypal characteristics of each element. During the ages, they have worked in partnership with various advanced animals on the planet, such as dragons, unicorns, (both extinct), horses, cetaceans, primates, the pachyderms, bees and a variety of insects. All animals and very young children can see them. They work in partnership with micro-organisms and bacteria, fungi and humus in the reconstitution and decomposition of matter.

The elementals feed of the essence of light and all the essence produced by the Earth. They do not eat physical food.
All have both genders, male and female, do not reproduce as mammals, instead as a energy level of merging their essences. They belong to families, where children belong to the community and not of the parents, they are grouped into communities to support and take care of each other. They are beings with a high sense of participation, and the tradition of their ancient lineages. Habit acquired by indigenous communities, ancient civilizations and some animals of the planet. Their homes (so to speak) belong to the essence of the element they guard.
The elemental essence that characterizes these beings is the unconditional love to the planet to which they belong, have a great sense of humor, and are deeply innocent     regarding petty intentions, very young human children, are in essences who resemble more to them. They like to have fun, play and celebrate. They have a hard time understanding the human ego, which they make theatrical representations and imitation of the human behavior, it is one of their favorite game. They usually manifest themselves imitating human clothing and carrying objects that call their attention, which they don’t use. The energy of joy is present in each work they do, they do not dream to return to their home, because their home is the Earth.
Their destination is not evolving towards other states as the human, but to uphold the principle of life on a planet.

They can’t interfere with the natural evolution or with the physical laws of the planet, or even with the human decisions, despite the fact that they have the ability to control matter and their levels; they have only used that gift in specific situations under the orders of the Elemental Masters. Through the millions of years that they have been here, they’ve seen many species and races pass thru and to all of them they have given them life, each one has been able to adapt or not, to its own evolution.
If they consider it appropriate and necessary, they can be visible, but do not interfere with the free will.

One of the specific functions of the elemental world is to connect the spiritual essence of souls passing through here, to the soul of the Earth, Gaia. And the souls who are here evolving them-self that are not only human. Both human and animals and other beings on the planet, which they are evolving here, have a planetary connection to the Energy Center of the planet, which pulse on the same frequency as the Center heart of the individual, whether animal, plant, mineral, or human. All of them also have a Center heart that beats with the heart of the Earth. In recent decades there are humans who have succeeded in identifying this energy Center as one more chakra, in the energetic anatomy and that this is located 60 cm beneath the feet into the ground. The   achievement of this connection is a work of the master elemental body and custodian. Without this connection, life for the species on this planet would not be possible.


When a human is connected with the essence of an elemental, usually quickly develops the sense of humor and the playfulness, also the appreciation for nature and a deep connection with the planet. It usually happens that you can briefly move forward or back in the temporary space or stop in, literally out of time. You can feel a deep compassion for any manifestation of life, independent of their size or shape.
It also occurs that you start to feel a great lightness to their concerns, the elementals do not know the ego, and they can transmit a human the ability to be in the infinite presence with gladness and joy. A human being that is connected with an elemental, feels a powerful expansion in Center heart, which is anchored in the Center beneath his feet to connect with the heart of Gaia. The specific feeling of being in contact with an elemental is “Inexplicable joy”, automatic impulse of smile and a deep sense of innocence, that memory of remembrance to be children again, to return to the source, to the essence.
They have never interfered in the evolution of the species, or will do so, unless they consider it necessary. They don’t like the tribute, love humility and anonymity. They worked in the past with ascended human to support the good of all, some became visible to influential people in the collective history, but have never taken leading roles. They love to be invisible; the humility of these beings is one of its attributes more sublime. They do not know or understand the value of human wealth, prosperity, or fame concepts. Their code is life and they know that Gaia has everything for everyone.

The elemental beings do not like no one to pay them tribute or homage, their work is unconditionally and eternally committed to the spirit of the Earth, Gaia. They deeply honor those who honor the Earth and life. The best tribute to an elemental, is love for your planet and the consciousness that you are here.


This elemental being is with us from the moment in which our essence begins to beat in the womb, until after death when the physical body has returned to unite  to the elements of nature. A small percentage of humanity knows its existence, only a few have been connected with this tireless and unconditional companion, that in silent balances regenerates and purifies our physical body and helps our heart to connect with the energy of Gaia. There are human that at certain moments of their lives, have seen him, others have felt or perceived, he only  manifests himself to the physical human senses when it is appropriate for that person, but his work is quiet, loving and unconditional, never asked anything in return and in most of the time their task is very difficult because  of human decisions. Elemental beings are not unlimited in attributes, they can help you, but not save you, they know to restore the matter, but they are not allowed to transgress the laws of physics, and if a human does not cooperate with its own internal balance, they won’t interfere.
They take you to your true nature when you’re busy in the “normal” social or cultural, that has nothing to do with the “naturalness”.
Through the ages in different ages and cultures have been seen by a few, feeding legends and popular beliefs, which were lost over time, since they were transmitted orally and they were confused with magical beings capable of altering natural laws and dominate the matter.
The ancient alchemists tried to establish contact to learn to control the four elements and the answer was always: “Begin the Alchemy inside your heart”. Settled in the collective memory Archetypes of its caracteristics and functions but its true nature was lost.

Today they’re manifesting with force, due to the evolutionary changes needed for the next stage of the planet. At this time they are having an active and decisive role in the future of the human species and the overall impact of it on Earth.


The elemental custodian, belongs to your human nature, so the journey to connect with,  is not a journey into your great spiritual depth, but simply to your nature as a physical being of planet Earth. The elemental above all, are simple, easy, do not require large formulas, they are right here, where you’re stepping on.

The best way to connect with him, is feeling your body, being present in it. Your body has always communicated with you but your not accustomed to hear it, there are things that are natural to you, such as breathing and you do it automatically, also feed yourself or go to sleep. But your body language is more extensive and fine, actually speaks to you through sensations, emotions, intuitions, electrical vibrations or degrees of temperature.

You can feel when something is not working correctly or when to change your diet, your air, your pace and environment, you can choose the thoughts that will give life to all the emotions that trigger all the hormonal and chemical processes that will have a physical result, which appears in your immediate reality at the end. Your elemental gives you the warning signs, the intuitions and sensations necessary to express your physical nature of a balanced and natural way in your environment.

Your elemental being not searches tribute or homage, only your cooperation to express your divine nature, as a human here on Earth, with all the elements within you     harmoniously balanced. Your elemental will speak to you with a soft voice and intimate, which you can feel, sense, perceive, listen, view or dream. For every human, this communication is distinctive and own. It will be easy to connect with your elemental when you are close to nature, whatever its expression, with silence and with the sunlight. The elemental beings do not need to be invoked; they recognize the human beings with a deep sense of purity and love for life. If a human being is not connected by this essence, it will be more difficult to feel the elemental presence. Your elemental being and all the elementals of the planet are not lucky charms; they do not attract to your life what you wish for you, they are beings who propitiate (cause) your life and the life in your environment.

Although you realize it or not, your elemental being accompanies you permanently and you can establish a direct communication through your physical body. To be grateful for this unconditional task is a very good first step. To feel your heart beat and then watch   very good the ground beneath your feet, is the second very good step. It is a different walk in life, trampling on the soil then to walk in life “Treading the earth that holds you”.

When we work listening to the elementals, not only it improves our quality of life, we can gain access also to knowledge about our farming, food, garbage, energy sources and the best conditions to co-create in harmony, the daily sustenance that the planet offers us generously. To be in alignment with this energy, is what allows the development and the healthy and abundant evolution for all the beings.


We have been on earth since before it was known as a planet, the Gaia spirit supports us and we love deeply all its evolution through history across time of the times. We belong to the ancient elemental lineage of the universe that sows the living conditions in the totality of the dimensions known and unknown.

Gaia is not just a planet, it is a living being that is experiment itself and which evolves with whom decides to accompany in its process. Many have been here before you and many others will come.

What we see now is not the massive and systematic destruction of natural sources, species and biodiversity.

What we see now is the self-destruction of a species. Gaia has the resources for auto regenerate, auto- protect and auto- balance and life will always breaks through, even if that cost the massive extinction of several species.

The modern man lives in the illusion that Gaia is a helpless victim, but you should know evolutionary human, Gaia is greater than your folly and that what you think it is a damage to Gaia, has not been anything other than damage to yourself.
Gaia is grateful with the children of the Earth that honor the life and bears its fruit generously for everyone equally.

Gaia’s fate is not in your hands dear human, what is in your hands, is your own destiny.
What are you doing, is not serving for their future generations and the human race, with many species associated with it are destined to disappear unless they achieve balance   in their hearts to the heart of Gaia and unify its purposes and personal interests towards planetary purposes that are in harmony with life and respect.

Gaia regulates its planetary energy cycles, for the auto-balance and currently it is  in transition through a great cycle of energy male father.

Gaia is not indifferent and increasingly more to react against what it considers contrary to life, harmony and balance.

It is transmuting the female mother energy and the passive mother, slowly becomes the active father, in a role of catalyst that will react to what they consider an attack. The human that inhabits it, must begin to manifest a female energy to maintain the balance.
Gaia will react over the next 12,000 years with father energy; don’t be surprised in the increase of earthquakes, tsunamis, eruptions, climate change or a new ice age.
What you call natural disasters, is in fact part of the restoration of the internal equilibrium of the Earth and the life forms in it, that will incorporate these changes as part of a natural process of purification and cleaning, that will be in a better evolutionary conditions if follow here. For Gaia it is a simple itching, for you it is a catastrophe and my noble human, there are not disasters.

Your ways of life, your social structures, your waste, your weapons, your cities and food conditions, are the catastrophe.

No matter what you do, you never will do anything against Gaia, you can if you want to generate a nuclear war, generate toxic wastes which take thousands of years to disappear, but Gaia time is eternal and once again after thousands of years, we will be there planting life, as we have always done it, with the difference that you will not be here to see it.

We honor and love those beings that are beating in the pulse of the heart of Gaia, many of them have been exterminated throughout the ages, but they have left here their teachings and their memory so that others will follow the path.
When you return to your place of origin the universe and you unify again with the whole, you always take with you the memory of belonging to Gaia, in the imprint of your soul, as part of the process of experimentation of yourself. It does not exist in the entire universe a place equal to Gaia, she is unique in its attributes and only here is where you experience specific degrees of consciousness that you need to experience the unity that you already are.

We look forward with joy and love the arrival of the children of the new earth that will feel the beating of Gaia in their heart and ascend together, to a new age of light and energy less dense.

We have been confused, misunderstood and sometimes accused of malignant beings by the deep cultural distortion of the minds dominated by fear. But we are not here to be revered or recognized by humans, we’re here to reverence life that unfolds sublime and vast, whether aware of it or not. Life in Gaia, does not belong to the human realm.
Gaia evolves in the expansion of its highest manifestation of matter and we will continue to remain here to support and guard that destination.

Depends on you to be together with us…

Elemental Master Body Land

Human transcription done by Chary magic (Pseudonym)
Reproduction of this text must be total, without changes or cuts, by instruction of the Elemental Master Ahim-Mah

Translation: Lilian Quijano
Correction: Carla Escalona
All my love and infinite gratitude for you…
Chary Magic

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Elemental Master Body Land